Brace yourselves….Summer is coming

It has been an interesting week
With the subversive Soilidarity Party getting a major PR boost from the Jobstown case, Sinn Fein making themselves seem the reasonable party in the stagnant Stormont talks and the Tory government forming in the worst possible fashion, the massive gains for the left in the public perception cannot be ignored on either side of the Irish Sea.
In the lead up to the 12th of July and all the social friction that brings
The DUP are sitting fat and happy in the (probably false) knowledge they are now unassailable by the taigs, their newly-wed status in Westminster giving them bundles of confidence and very little motivation to meet SF half way on power sharing talks.

This is could go one way or the other, they run very close to simply magnifying the public irritation that gave SF such a massive boost in the last election while the deal they got from Theresa May will also be well received in many quarters. I personally suspect SF will make gains if a snap election is called again, and for certain the polarisation of public voting into the two camps at the expense of smaller parties will continue.

Brokenshire will more than likely opt for said election in the event that talks fail as direct rule would be far too risky in the Brexit era, he may extend time for talks as well but that can only go so far.
The overall bill for all these British elections and referenda over the past 5 years must be astronomical.
The lay of the land in Westminster is still shaky as the Torys effectively hand Corbyn all the ammunition he could ask for, it is almost a deliberate throwing of the fight from the Neo-Cons as Corbyn along with his inner circle of incompetents are barely able to even capitalise on the Tory/BBC PR gifts in the past couple of months. Like the North a lefty takeover is definitely possible.