How Water Damage Can Lead to The Need For Mold Remediation

If you’ve recently experienced Raleigh water damage according to Taylors Restoration NC, you should have an expert come in and determine the extent of the damage to floors, carpets, furniture and walls immediately, in order to retain the value of the structure. Mold can be an extremely dangerous result of flooding and one that should only be tackled by an expert that knows how to properly and effectively remove the mold and its hazards.

The Assessment:

You should hire an expert to conduct an assessment to determine the extent of the damage. The expert should check both the internal and external aspects of the home, including the following:

Inspecting the roof, walls and windows, attic, basement and bathrooms.
Make sure that rooms are checked for wall cracks, warped tile and carpeted floors, destroyed electrical outlets and phone wall jacks.
Determine if there is major damage to furniture, appliances, carpets, fabrics, wooden cabinets, dressers, computers, etc. Save what you can and get rid of what you can’t.
Determine if there is any mold present, which can ruin walls, carpeting, furniture and flooring and make home residents or business workers ill.

The Dangers of Mold Spores:

Those exposed to mold are in a very dangerous situation since mold lingers in the air, many people have been exposed to mold spores, without being aware of it.

Those with allergies may experience difficulty breathing and have allergy symptoms like a stuffy nose and labored breathing; mold can also increase the likelihood of having an asthma attack.
Breathing mold spores can cause lung infections and other health problems for those with decreased immune systems, including babies, the very young and the elderly.
Black mold, which is common in flood-damaged homes is particularly dangerous and cause symptoms like sore throat, pain in the joints, and fatigue. There’s no question that any mold present in a home following a flood needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Mold Remediation

We have our share of challenging weather, so we may often need to address mold remediation.

Industry experts will remove contaminated HVAC filters and disinfect all components.
Moldy walls, furniture, flooring, etc., will be replaced, cleaned or repaired.

A qualified mold remediation specialist will recommend the proper services in order to repair and restore your home after a flood, fire or storm from this.